I Am Unrestricted in my Utopian Extravaganza

I am Unrestricted in my Utopian Extravaganza
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am unrestricted in my utopian extravaganza unleashing my Yahweh to unbind my docile societal ways unchain my corporate cloning drain my inner pain because
I tried to fit in rather than beam my stalwart stout hearted keen-witted gleam authorizing me to glide on my sunny side of life unfastening
My guts-2 love every day as-a monarch roping the wind hearing my breezes of brilliance expand into winds of wisdom opening way
To prosperously plant my seeds of wisdom in the universal vista brazenly unlocking my vivid insight seeing-my tantalizing astuteness energizing
My enterprising giant sequoia of sapience to stand tall in my galaxy mall mountaineering acute lithe listening to my valiant ventures
To be the craftsman of my choices to brilliantly brightening my visual rainbows of lightning bolts of sagacious fortifying my focus televising
My individual audacious magnetic fortitude revving-up-my entrepreneurial energies inventing new-fangled me-ideas yessing superstar percipience inspiring real innovative talent unleashing adroit liveliness
Speaking prosperity expansively expanding enterprising energies electrifying cosmic rays with robust acumen yodeling I play to win
Because I unselfishly express winning sagaciousness invigorating newborn nirvana everyday realizing
I am free in my spiritual spree to flow in my glow of my go opening the door authorizing my core to soar in my slow glow to gleam the beam of genuine love opening winning farsightedness to emotionally electrify
My imaginative élans vehemently freeing my nascent innermost inspirations to sing to the universal ethers I am free in my spiritual spree
To live life like an orgy realizing when I set my temple intentions experience my daily encounters or relaxing
To vividly visualize my dreams intentions and life to blatantly mirror my ultimate organism Ito relish life and visualize my outcome mimicking the best orgasm I have ever enjoyed revealing to
Me life is an orgy when I am free in my spiritual spree because I expansively experience life like an orgy opulent riches grand-eyes-zing-my yah-zing Yahweh opening the way to show my glow galvanizing listening optimizing-my wow to pow
The world zealously zinging my wisdom optimizing wizardry magnifying-my preeminent omniscient wealthy Yahweh to open the way
To free my spree of wealth and success releasing the old paradox life is about business unlocks my blocks to undock my gutsy new revelations
That wealth and success is vigorously facilitating a rapid fire revolving door of people opening their wallets to prance the dance of spending their money on my innovative products to relish
Their fun in the sun to drink the fine wines of love innovation freedom opens thou’s eyes to realize life is a people business while organizing real genius-with Yule Tide Zeal revealing and appealing to me
My free spiritual spree whistles my bristling YHWY to sing loudly I am the brimming grinning winner of life uncoupling a sharp new insight that since
The beginning of time there was a lack of wisdom about the Divine Order unbolting my savant prophecies to open folk’s eyes to see they are gliding on
The sunny-side of their free spiritual spree to see and feel they encompass the grit n get to place their star on their walk fame
When they open out their willingness to engage in their inner journey float on cloud nine in a wealthy winner way
As I flow in the glow of plush luxurious life to bask in the beauty bountiful ennobling ardent utopia totally Yule-tiding unconditional love
To the universe thru my heart vibrations opening my internal spiritual spree to be free to accept the love of the universe in a lively loving way
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My Inner Scenery Prosper-Eyes-Zes My Worldly Gleam

My Inner Scenery Prosper-eyes-zes My Worldly Gleam
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My inner scenery prosper-eye-zes my worldly gleam beaming my bold expanding aspirations magnetizing intrepid nirvana galvanizing magnified yesses in every facet of
My jovial journey showcasing my megastar celebrity flair correlating my being at the billionaire fair celebrating my innate nurturing enterprising revelations sanctifying-the codifying-of-
My expansive newborn entrepreneurial realizations revving-up-the yen-to-dial-up-my-inner-Zen-to passionately recognize-the-wise-of-my oracle supremacy propelling-my empress/emperor resolve
Edifying-my yaulding emotional-insight zestfully electrifying sumptuous wealth optimizing revered love dawning lissome Yahweh to open the way for
My inner scenery to prosper-eyes my worldly gleam glistening my crystal clear acuity actuating my heart perspicuity to generate my rainbow brilliant gallantry to show people a better way
To experience life by freeing their core décor fanning their blazing flames of fame and fortune unsheathing their sassy sophisticated blaze of who they are to boldly live adventurously zealously exploding their iron-will
To see their life as a undaunted urbane utopian to luxuriously relish life as a debonair sage understand they are worthy and deserving to experience there life in a copious utopia way
As I unleash the owlish sapiential spree of lithe liberating librettist to soar like Thor into the wild blue yonder understanding
My heart is light illuminating the delightfulness in the universal ethers showcasing my wonderful wise opening my prospering eyes to see
I freed my inner scenery prosper-eye-zes my worldly gleam to walk on a yellow brick paved in gold-bars loving every day ardently magnetizing the earths ethers with I can expand enterprising energy
To undock my yacht to sail in lavish luxury because I choose impose my sired desires exposing my gunfighter will to realize
I won my game of life by looking in the mirror to see the real me in lively lithe way today and every day in a picture perfect way and in Divine Order
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Gusts of Genius

Gusts of Genius
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Infinite Spirit I feel the Gusts of Genius blessing my listening to glowingly blow down my river valleys of prosperity across
My mountaintops over prospering prairies traversing my seas of success crisscrossing my oceans of wealth freeing me to
Walk my talk boldly expressing my prophet-eyes-zing wise inspiring nirvana declaring success opening free-flowing wealth innovation superstar determination
Optimizing mammoth money flow mirroring the waves of the Hawaiian surf today and every day in a lavish lively way
Because I understand I am the woman/man with plan parting the wave’s trepidation serenely calming the seas of success for people of the world to feel their sagacious savant
Expanding their grit-n-get as they are in awe witnessing my gallant galvanizing genius to ride tides of triumphant because I understand
The winds of wisdom blow to glow glamor-eyes-zing fun in the sun as I encounter the whirlwinds of challenge
I unleash my hurricane of curious courage typhoon of triumphant tenacity quickly quailing the whirlwinds of challenge unpinning
The singe thru quietude to sunbath in my breezes of brilliance unbinding my brazen-boldness releasing ennobling electrifying zing energizing savant
Omnipotence freeing bountiful riches intentionally loving life intuitively applauding new-fangled concepts
Enhancing forthright focus to fantastically listen to my winds of wisdom adamantly animating my vibrations to experience
My cherished wealth and success thru living in free-flowing energies of love unhinges the binges of listening opening vivid expansive imagination infatuating
The inner landscapes with wave after wave of winning richness enriching my winds of wisdom that I employ in all phases of my life like milk chocolate to the taste buds
Authorizes me to authentically unbridles thee harmony optimizing revolutionary inquisitive zeal electrifying sumptuous supply that flows
To me thru airstreams of abundance from all sources in the cosmos giving free rein to my opulent omnipotence to unfasten my enlightened energies to
Birthing my sired desires embrace my worthiness and deservedness to experience the effervescent enrichment sanctioning me
to robustly relish my copious copiousness recognizing my winds of wisdom supply the ethers of the universe with lithe leadership broadening the adroit willingness in people
To unhinge their talent unblocks the locks in their core cognitions to realize talent encompasses luck as luck embraces talent to entertain
Their talisman four leaf clover throwing their golden horse shoe into the galaxy basking in their cosmic rays of their opalescent omniscience as
I rope the wind of my terra incognita riding on prosperity enthralling terrific harmonizing wealth initiating natural dignity walk to part the oceans of the unknown to feel airstreams of
Affluence x-raying the gold mines of chaos to walk in the divine light of luxury floating on cloud nine hearing the songs of wealth innovation lively love flowing in the winds of wisdom
As I my hear winds of wisdom I see my seeds of wisdom I smell the salt air of success I touch the never-ending streams of lavish avalanches of copious copiousness so
Now I adventurously expand thru the tides of time energizing my opulent opulence dining of fine wine relishing the taste of my harvest of utopia cornucopia in a brightened clarified way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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I Canonize My I Told You So Moxie

I Canonize My I Told You So Moxie
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Radio Hosted by Wisdom Radio on www.wisdom–radio.com
I canonize my bold I told you so moxie brazenly broadcasts my innate state-of-the-art-heart acuity entices the spice of my piquant perspicuity unlatching the panache of
My pioneering commentator to voice the oasis of my newborn noesis from my intra stellar stalwart to bellower the bellwether brilliance of my bold canonized I told you so moxie
To be in the flow of the go of my glowing spiritual spree in a wise winning way freeing me from sliding into hiding in my egotistical haunted house flaunting
My taunt of want in woefully worn out whine aggressively never-ever triumphing because I heard the herd slurs burning the herd ho hum drum to dummy down my ardent abilities to
Unwind my titanium spine dulling my get and go in my sublime mind instead to have faith in the powers hearing the sear of the seeing the wink of their think living
In their spiteful frightful web of fictitious fear thinking they were for me and believed in need and greed that everything in the world was for me and when somebody else got something and I didn’t plunked
Me into hoedown of Podunk wonk slinking me into the hoodwink of the overthink slam dunking me into pity patter of pity me fallacies slinking me into my coach-potato-i-tice dropping
Me into the perfect storm thinking the norm doing the dozy do of know has me whirling swirling in dormant of torment hovering inside poverty consciousness that was instilled thru the pills of
My hearing the parrot of arrogance spewing the same insane mundane ideologies that designed the patterns of today so no I let go of dozy do of need of greed taunt of want unlocking
The clock of yesterday freeing my undaunted utopian to be a proponent of the moment as slide in the glide riding the tide galvanizing-my lively innovation declaring effusive emolument from all sources
In the cosmopolitan cosmos to beam the gleam of I canonize my bold I told you so moxie walking down the bountiful sun lit beaches of the world showcasing my lavish luxurious lifestyle
Refined and defined by me drinking the fine wines of the my unworldly wisdom innovation naturally enjoying today and every day in a pristine perfect way and in Divine Order

My Piquant Perkiness Highlights My Laudable Lucidity

My Piquant Perkiness Highlights My Laudable Lucidity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My piquant perkiness highlights my laudable lucidity lights up my pure clear visions of my plucky purposes painting a panorama portrait of pristine prosperity on every horizon opening my mind’s eye
To theater-eyes the birthing and experiencing my sired desires in the flow of the go my shiny stainless preeminence revealing my piquant perkiness highlighting my laudable lucidity purposefully initiating quantum universal abundance
Naturally tantalizing passion expanding robust kingship igniting-my enterprising superstar sagaciousness harmonizing-my intuitive gutsiness hallowing thaumaturgy illuminating newborn geniusness
Magnificently yessing-my love life audaciously unlocking dauntless acumen brilliantly letting go energizing lithe utopian credence internally declaring-my innovative tenacity yah-zing
My daily adventurse to indenture my regal rich entrepreneurial talent to tenaciously ardently live every day in a new way triumphantly expanding my wisdom energizing
My innovative landscape electrifying my enterprising euphoria galvanizing effusive epiphanies eagerly looking into the eyes of my daily life asking this question
How is this event the greatest life expanding event that ever emerged in my daily scenery purging the whoop-t-do of drama of my daily escapades eliminating
The dormant torment of trauma in core conspirator to suavely surge in courageous curiosity igniting my light of life galvanizing my gusts genius opening the way for
My winds of wisdom blow feeling my breezes of brilliance enter my prospecting prophecies to magnanimously magnify the embellishing the relishing of every event real-eyes-zing
My life is a jubilee of jovial utopia brightly illuminating enticing effervescent rainbows to soar across the heavens real-eyes-zing I am the pot of gold at the end of
My rainbows colorfully expressing who I am in a peerless seer way to glow in the glide of who I am to ride the universal vista in a superstar avatar way today and every day as
I sail the oceans blue in bountiful luxury unleashing everyday common sense foresight in an unembarrassed way to lavishly cherish
My unlimited never ending overflow of wealth wisdom and friendship in every facet of my life broadening the charismatic colors in the worldly scenery opening the way for
Me to see feel smell taste and touch my cascading opulent opulence that fill all my prosperity accounts in the wow of the pow now in a rich lively way
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