Michael Ramirez New Role

Leading live event ticketing technology and analytics firm, Logitix, announced the appointment of Michael Ramirez as their new Vice President of Business Operations. Ramirez, previously the Head of Worldwide Sales Strategy & Operations for Microsoft Workloads at Amazon Web Services (AWS), joins Logitix as the company expands its reach into new markets.

The move comes as Logitix witnesses rapid growth and diversification in its offerings. Ramirez’s new role will primarily focus on optimizing processes, streamlining workflows, and defining KPIs to ensure the company delivers top-notch results to its clientele. His skills include Operational Efficiency, Budget Forecasting, Analytical Skills, and Sales Effectiveness.

Ramirez told his business network, I’m joining a great group of people and an organization that is doing some exciting things in their space!

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Michael Ramirez – Logitix

Logitix Portfolio

With a portfolio that includes handling millions of tickets for prestigious teams and properties across MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and various live events in the music, arts, and entertainment sectors, Logitix’s platform stands out. It offers a unique capability of analyzing real-time data points, providing partners with immediate insights within the live event market.

Using proprietary dynamic pricing and distribution, Logitix ensures optimized ticket sales for its partners.

Logitix CEO, Stu Halberg, expressed his enthusiasm about the new appointment, “As we scale up, it’s essential for us to bring aboard seasoned leaders, both from within our industry and beyond. Michael’s reputation as a key leader in business operations for major tech firms makes him an invaluable addition to our team. We’re confident in his ability to spearhead initiatives that will allow us to reach more audiences and maximize ticketing revenue.”

Michael Ramirez Brand History

Before his stint at AWS, Ramirez showcased his expertise in technology and telecommunications by associating with renowned brands such as Advanced Media Technologies, Inc., Deluxe Corporation, and AT&T (previously known as BellSouth Corporation). He is an alumnus of the University of Florida.

About Logitix

Logitix stands at the forefront of the live event industry, offering a combination of optimized ticketing, pricing, distribution, and inventory management. The company’s mission revolves around automating the entire ticket lifecycle and presenting data-driven insights to meet the diverse requirements of its clients.

Backed by ZMC, Logitix operates as a privately-held entity. The company has offices in South Florida and Los Angeles.

For more insights into Logitix and its offerings, visit Logitix.com or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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