A new initiative has been introduced to establish consistent quality standards in property care and customer service for vacation rental companies operating around the Walt Disney World Resort area. This program not only sets clear guidelines for the quality of properties but also provides visitors with an authorized source for information on the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and tickets.

With the introduction of a distinctive logo, tourists and visitors to Central Florida can now easily identify companies that adhere to these high standards of service and accommodation.

In the past year, Disney collaborated with leading property management firms, prominently including VillaDirect, to formulate unambiguous benchmarks for vacation rental homes. Additionally, the collaboration focused on generating guidelines for promoting the attractions at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

Steve Hardman, CEO of VillaDirect Vacation Homes, expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative. “As an Authorized Disney Ticket Seller, we’ve always been committed to offering our guests a memorable experience. The Vacation Rental Home Connection, now a segment of the Disney Ticket Network, sets a robust standard ensuring quality and reliable service,” Hardman said. He emphasized that guests opting for companies bearing the Vacation Rental Home Connection logo can do so with complete confidence. “It’s a matter of immense pride for us to be acknowledged through this initiative,” he added.

Individuals interested in exploring more about the Walt Disney World Vacation Rental Home Connection or the range of homes provided by VillaDirect Vacation Homes within the program can get details on www.villadirect.com.

About VillaDirect Vacation Homes:

Founded in 1998, VillaDirect Vacation Homes stands as Central Florida’s premier vacation home rental company, hosting over 50,000 guests annually. The firm is an integral part of the Vacation Rental Home Connection and is affiliated with the Disney Ticket Network. With an extensive inventory ranging from 2-bedroom condos to lavish 7-bedroom estate homes, VillaDirect provides accommodations that cater to diverse family needs and budgets, all strategically located in proximity to the Walt Disney World Resort and other key area attractions. Moreover, VillaDirect is an authorized reseller of Disney attraction tickets, simplifying the process for guests eager to explore the magic of Orlando’s theme parks. For further details, interested individuals can visit the VillaDirect website.