Gusts of Genius

Gusts of Genius
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Infinite Spirit I feel the Gusts of Genius blessing my listening to glowingly blow down my river valleys of prosperity across
My mountaintops over prospering prairies traversing my seas of success crisscrossing my oceans of wealth freeing me to
Walk my talk boldly expressing my prophet-eyes-zing wise inspiring nirvana declaring success opening free-flowing wealth innovation superstar determination
Optimizing mammoth money flow mirroring the waves of the Hawaiian surf today and every day in a lavish lively way
Because I understand I am the woman/man with plan parting the wave’s trepidation serenely calming the seas of success for people of the world to feel their sagacious savant
Expanding their grit-n-get as they are in awe witnessing my gallant galvanizing genius to ride tides of triumphant because I understand
The winds of wisdom blow to glow glamor-eyes-zing fun in the sun as I encounter the whirlwinds of challenge
I unleash my hurricane of curious courage typhoon of triumphant tenacity quickly quailing the whirlwinds of challenge unpinning
The singe thru quietude to sunbath in my breezes of brilliance unbinding my brazen-boldness releasing ennobling electrifying zing energizing savant
Omnipotence freeing bountiful riches intentionally loving life intuitively applauding new-fangled concepts
Enhancing forthright focus to fantastically listen to my winds of wisdom adamantly animating my vibrations to experience
My cherished wealth and success thru living in free-flowing energies of love unhinges the binges of listening opening vivid expansive imagination infatuating
The inner landscapes with wave after wave of winning richness enriching my winds of wisdom that I employ in all phases of my life like milk chocolate to the taste buds
Authorizes me to authentically unbridles thee harmony optimizing revolutionary inquisitive zeal electrifying sumptuous supply that flows
To me thru airstreams of abundance from all sources in the cosmos giving free rein to my opulent omnipotence to unfasten my enlightened energies to
Birthing my sired desires embrace my worthiness and deservedness to experience the effervescent enrichment sanctioning me
to robustly relish my copious copiousness recognizing my winds of wisdom supply the ethers of the universe with lithe leadership broadening the adroit willingness in people
To unhinge their talent unblocks the locks in their core cognitions to realize talent encompasses luck as luck embraces talent to entertain
Their talisman four leaf clover throwing their golden horse shoe into the galaxy basking in their cosmic rays of their opalescent omniscience as
I rope the wind of my terra incognita riding on prosperity enthralling terrific harmonizing wealth initiating natural dignity walk to part the oceans of the unknown to feel airstreams of
Affluence x-raying the gold mines of chaos to walk in the divine light of luxury floating on cloud nine hearing the songs of wealth innovation lively love flowing in the winds of wisdom
As I my hear winds of wisdom I see my seeds of wisdom I smell the salt air of success I touch the never-ending streams of lavish avalanches of copious copiousness so
Now I adventurously expand thru the tides of time energizing my opulent opulence dining of fine wine relishing the taste of my harvest of utopia cornucopia in a brightened clarified way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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I Canonize My I Told You So Moxie

I Canonize My I Told You So Moxie
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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I canonize my bold I told you so moxie brazenly broadcasts my innate state-of-the-art-heart acuity entices the spice of my piquant perspicuity unlatching the panache of
My pioneering commentator to voice the oasis of my newborn noesis from my intra stellar stalwart to bellower the bellwether brilliance of my bold canonized I told you so moxie
To be in the flow of the go of my glowing spiritual spree in a wise winning way freeing me from sliding into hiding in my egotistical haunted house flaunting
My taunt of want in woefully worn out whine aggressively never-ever triumphing because I heard the herd slurs burning the herd ho hum drum to dummy down my ardent abilities to
Unwind my titanium spine dulling my get and go in my sublime mind instead to have faith in the powers hearing the sear of the seeing the wink of their think living
In their spiteful frightful web of fictitious fear thinking they were for me and believed in need and greed that everything in the world was for me and when somebody else got something and I didn’t plunked
Me into hoedown of Podunk wonk slinking me into the hoodwink of the overthink slam dunking me into pity patter of pity me fallacies slinking me into my coach-potato-i-tice dropping
Me into the perfect storm thinking the norm doing the dozy do of know has me whirling swirling in dormant of torment hovering inside poverty consciousness that was instilled thru the pills of
My hearing the parrot of arrogance spewing the same insane mundane ideologies that designed the patterns of today so no I let go of dozy do of need of greed taunt of want unlocking
The clock of yesterday freeing my undaunted utopian to be a proponent of the moment as slide in the glide riding the tide galvanizing-my lively innovation declaring effusive emolument from all sources
In the cosmopolitan cosmos to beam the gleam of I canonize my bold I told you so moxie walking down the bountiful sun lit beaches of the world showcasing my lavish luxurious lifestyle
Refined and defined by me drinking the fine wines of the my unworldly wisdom innovation naturally enjoying today and every day in a pristine perfect way and in Divine Order

My Piquant Perkiness Highlights My Laudable Lucidity

My Piquant Perkiness Highlights My Laudable Lucidity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My piquant perkiness highlights my laudable lucidity lights up my pure clear visions of my plucky purposes painting a panorama portrait of pristine prosperity on every horizon opening my mind’s eye
To theater-eyes the birthing and experiencing my sired desires in the flow of the go my shiny stainless preeminence revealing my piquant perkiness highlighting my laudable lucidity purposefully initiating quantum universal abundance
Naturally tantalizing passion expanding robust kingship igniting-my enterprising superstar sagaciousness harmonizing-my intuitive gutsiness hallowing thaumaturgy illuminating newborn geniusness
Magnificently yessing-my love life audaciously unlocking dauntless acumen brilliantly letting go energizing lithe utopian credence internally declaring-my innovative tenacity yah-zing
My daily adventurse to indenture my regal rich entrepreneurial talent to tenaciously ardently live every day in a new way triumphantly expanding my wisdom energizing
My innovative landscape electrifying my enterprising euphoria galvanizing effusive epiphanies eagerly looking into the eyes of my daily life asking this question
How is this event the greatest life expanding event that ever emerged in my daily scenery purging the whoop-t-do of drama of my daily escapades eliminating
The dormant torment of trauma in core conspirator to suavely surge in courageous curiosity igniting my light of life galvanizing my gusts genius opening the way for
My winds of wisdom blow feeling my breezes of brilliance enter my prospecting prophecies to magnanimously magnify the embellishing the relishing of every event real-eyes-zing
My life is a jubilee of jovial utopia brightly illuminating enticing effervescent rainbows to soar across the heavens real-eyes-zing I am the pot of gold at the end of
My rainbows colorfully expressing who I am in a peerless seer way to glow in the glide of who I am to ride the universal vista in a superstar avatar way today and every day as
I sail the oceans blue in bountiful luxury unleashing everyday common sense foresight in an unembarrassed way to lavishly cherish
My unlimited never ending overflow of wealth wisdom and friendship in every facet of my life broadening the charismatic colors in the worldly scenery opening the way for
Me to see feel smell taste and touch my cascading opulent opulence that fill all my prosperity accounts in the wow of the pow now in a rich lively way
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Untie the Lies and Un-‘Tree’ the Greed!

Untie the Lies and Un-‘Tree’ the Greed!
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

How free will you be when you untie the lies and un-tree your greed? How are your decisions tied to money or a payment of some sort? It is a fact in the universe that when you speak about bills you get more bills. When you write about what is wrong in the world and how you can help the world, how do you get exactly what you’re writing about to come true, because the words you write or speak came for your inner landscape?

How is today’s world scenery exactly what you speak about to other people as being your very own daily life? Until people realize the ‘spoken word’ vibrates through the universe, and inner dialog magnetizes the universal vista, then the people of the world will swirl in the ills of the mindset tied to the lies and all will put up the ‘tree’ with the need for greed. The world is literally treed in greed – they are experiencing the ‘creep of cheap’ and they are ‘tied in the lies’ we tell ourselves to maintain the mundane. How do you live in the mundane but talk about wealth and success?

Letting go of the cloak and dagger of the lame of the mundane calls for two simple feats: freeing energizing astuteness by tantalizing the sapient ‘get grit;’ and let go and expand the heart within the innermost landscape by unbinding the mind to understand that YOU are the one ingraining the pandering in the meandering of your life. You let go of your dreams when a challenge comes along because you focus on the materialistic outcome of the situation, negating the wisdom that is being introduced into your own life. Wisdom is the confusion in the unknown of life’s adventures. Why are you afraid of gaining new wisdom?

Unknown wisdom is also known as terra incognita when you let out your courageous conquistador to be the matador saying touché to your challenges; looking directly into the challenge unlocking your valiant visionary. To look into the center of the challenge, where the light of wisdom beams, opening out your bold enterprising acumen and magnifying-my stainless significance to expand out through – and into – parvenu paradigms to relish the panoramic view of life from the K2. How do you fear seeing life from the mountain tops?

The mindset of the world is tied in the lie of business first treeing the greed of the corporate fascists in the financial landscape and in the minds of people. The treed greed in people opens out the need; taunting the wanting victim-eyes-zing drama of everything is a challenge. Instead of understanding, you never encounter a negative ordeal in your life. Everything in life is genuine gusts of genius for us to experience a life that expands enterprising energies and births your sired desires in the unlimited winning wealth in the universal vista that has your name branded on it. How do you encompass genuine gusts of genius?

Life is about being engaged in your dreams, desires, and intrepid intentions, but life gets in the way of life. We allow the challenges to be a bear trap instead of allowing ourselves to be the bear on the tear ripping through the terra incognita – cognizing the wisdom within to light our heart’s delight in the cosmopolitan cosmos. Because when I choose to engage in my idealistic, I am wise enough to open out my acumen-eyes-zing avatar to soar like Superman in a lively lithe way.

Three Questions:
How will you unlatch the latch of attachment to your treed greed and free your intuitive innovator?

How does it feel understanding your terra incognita, and being able to open out your courage to explore your core avatar wisdom?

How do you unlock your spiritual spine to engage your idealistic wise?

Three Affirmations:

I am free to be the bear on tear, ripping my prime time wise from my terra incognita terrain to expand my brand of who I am, relishing my jovial opulent journey today and every day in a picture perfect way.

I feel my gusts of genius engage my inner sage, unlocking my visionary sage to birth my sired desires by expanding my dreams and birthing my intrepid intentions in a rich regal way.

I am the undaunted utopian revolution-eyes; my robust resolve to understand my confusion is my light of wisdom blazing a trail for my pioneering spirit to rise and shine, untying the lies and un-treeing the greed. Unlocking my trailblazing will allow me to kayak my rivers of prosperity, rivers that flow to me from all sources in the universe in a rich milk-chocolate way.

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Nonfiction Writers Needed! Be Wisdom Publishing is Open For Business!

There is a world out there of nonfiction books that are overlooked a great deal of the time. In fact, if one were to read the New York Times Bestseller lists for fiction and nonfiction, you would see a stunning difference. The number of weeks that a book seems to sit on the fiction list can run anywhere from two to eighty. Usually the books with the most ‘hang-time’ are the ones where a movie has just come out, leading everyone to the book (i.e., The Help). But before the movie, the book was something that millions had never even heard of.

However, if you search the nonfiction lists, you are talking about some titles – a majority, in fact – that remain on the nonfiction list for over one-hundred-plus weeks. Why? Because nonfiction is still the precious category that many writers choose not to write.

Every once in a while a memoir comes up, or a ‘foray’ into the religious or political worlds that seem to draw attention, but a high percentage of readers are still very much attached to the paranormal, romance, action, adventure, drama and other worlds that fiction provides in full-force (which is also a downside for authors, because there are billions of fiction titles out there that each author must compete with.)

Nonfiction – for all those authors and ‘wanna-be’ debut authors – who have their idea, plot, summary, or the whole book already completed – nonfiction is still very much needed in the literary world in this day and age. Some of the most beautiful books, as well as the most-respected writers, produce nonfiction titles that, at times, have changed the world, or made the world bond together to finally believe in something (Remember The Secret?)

There are also, however, a great deal of publishers who will not ‘look’ for nonfiction, overlooking some extremely spectacular titles that readers across the globe would love to become a part of – real learning experiences, or research, or history that hundreds of thousands would be interested in.

Now add this to the ‘talk’ about the eBook versus the print book. Are print books dead? Absolutely not. Readers will ALWAYS want the book – in hand. BUT life has gotten to the point of being constantly busy and on-the-go, as well as dealing with a financial outlook that does not exactly bode well for the people of this nation, so spending money at bookstores or Amazon is sometimes very close to the bottom of the list of what you can do with what’s left over after paying the bills.

The solution seems to be the eBook. The sales for digital publishing have been building over the last decade, In fact, sales increased 164% to $441.3 million over just the last few years. That’s a lot of money, and it shows that there’s potential for authors to make serious cash from eBook sales. WITH the addition of eBooks, virtually every book publishing category showed growth. As more formats have evolved in the publishing community, consumers have more choices, and these strong sales numbers reflect those efforts. Book lovers are speaking up and sharing their VOICE with the publishing community – the eBook IS in! Do you wish to hear another amazing statistic? 78% of the titles published came from the small/self-publishers. ( In 1999, the top twenty publishers accounted for 93% of sales (Washington Post, 10/18/2000), but in 2002, the six large New York publishers accounted for 45% of the market. (Publishers Weekly, 6/16/2003). Yet another clue that authors are taking it upon themselves to bring the great books into the marketplace.

As all authors can see, the eBook is here and it’s here to stay – and digital publishing is most definitely the way to begin a journey. By begin, Be Wisdom is talking to the nonfiction writers out there who KNOW they have a concept that must be put out to book lovers across the globe. And Be Wisdom has been created to do just that. All writers should know that when Be Wisdom was created (as well as its fiction house, Precious Gems Publishing) it was out of a love and deep passion for the books that were simply being overlooked in the industry. These companies formed in the minds OF authors FOR authors, to help them get where they needed to go. AND, the idea was also born from the fact that so many self-publishers are charging authors a truly ridiculous amount of money to self-publish. Thousands of dollars are being asked for, and then the author needs to actually buy the books themselves to increase their sales. This is highly unacceptable.

Be Wisdom researched for many months to make sure that they could offer a solid publishing platform. From professional editors who have been in the industry for decades; to hiring the best graphic designers to create covers that will live on in the readers’ imagination long after the book has been read, Be Wisdom covered all the bases. But Be Wisdom also went one step further – the creators found a way to make sure that the author would receive a digital platform and a FULL marketing campaign. Be Wisdom wanted to make sure, before even attempting this, that all authors would be getting radio programs to speak about their books, ideas, and concepts; they would receive tweets and postings on Facebook and Twitter around the clock; professional book trailers; and, articles in magazines and newsletters – reaching millions of readers. In essence, Be Wisdom not only wanted to find the outstanding nonfiction books that are out there right now that NEED to be published – but they also wanted to be able to brand the author and their book – in order to bring fans flocking to their sides and purchase copies of their outstanding work.

Branding and social networking is the key to “building” an author in this day and age. Perhaps once every ten years, does an author from out of nowhere send in a book, get picked, and become the next ‘Secret’ that the whole world suddenly needs to know about. Let’s face it, as all authors know, it is mostly a rejection letter that comes as a reply – where 9 times out of 10 no one read the proposal to begin with; they just clicked the ‘form letter reply’ and moved on. THIS is not right. This is NOT what authors should be receiving. And, with Be Wisdom, they don’t They receive the respect they deserve!

They receive a real “live” editor to work with, as well as a real “live” designer to work with. They receive a full marketing department standing behind them to get their message to the masses – and brand them for all time. And they do this for $899.00 and nothing more. There are no ‘scams’ that you must pay more for this, this, and that. There are no premiere packages to sign up for, or a demand that the author purchase copies themselves. Be Wisdom has brought their wisdom to the digital publishing world – and they are looking for Nonfiction Authors who are necessary to the literary community.

That, my friends, means YOU!

Until Next Time, Everybody

For more information, go to:
Head of Be Wisdom Publishing (Robert Wilson):
Head of Operations (Tom Ski): or call 303-956-0569
Head of Graphic Design Department, Artist, (Sherry Gillam):

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