Untie the Lies and Un-‘Tree’ the Greed!
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Untie the Lies and Un-'Tree' the Greed! 3How free will you be when you untie the lies and un-tree your greed? How are your decisions tied to money or a payment of some sort? It is a fact in the universe that when you speak about bills you get more bills. When you write about what is wrong in the world and how you can help the world, how do you get exactly what you’re writing about to come true, because the words you write or speak came for your inner landscape?

How is today’s world scenery exactly what you speak about to other people as being your very own daily life? Until people realize the ‘spoken word’ vibrates through the universe, and inner dialog magnetizes the universal vista, then the people of the world will swirl in the ills of the mindset tied to the lies and all will put up the ‘tree’ with the need for greed. The world is literally treed in greed – they are experiencing the ‘creep of cheap’ and they are ‘tied in the lies’ we tell ourselves to maintain the mundane. How do you live in the mundane but talk about wealth and success?

Letting go of the cloak and dagger of the lame of the mundane calls for two simple feats: freeing energizing astuteness by tantalizing the sapient ‘get grit;’ and let go and expand the heart within the innermost landscape by unbinding the mind to understand that YOU are the one ingraining the pandering in the meandering of your life. You let go of your dreams when a challenge comes along because you focus on the materialistic outcome of the situation, negating the wisdom that is being introduced into your own life. Wisdom is the confusion in the unknown of life’s adventures. Why are you afraid of gaining new wisdom?

Unknown wisdom is also known as terra incognita when you let out your courageous conquistador to be the matador saying touché to your challenges; looking directly into the challenge unlocking your valiant visionary. To look into the center of the challenge, where the light of wisdom beams, opening out your bold enterprising acumen and magnifying-my stainless significance to expand out through – and into – parvenu paradigms to relish the panoramic view of life from the K2. How do you fear seeing life from the mountain tops?

The mindset of the world is tied in the lie of business first treeing the greed of the corporate fascists in the financial landscape and in the minds of people. The treed greed in people opens out the need; taunting the wanting victim-eyes-zing drama of everything is a challenge. Instead of understanding, you never encounter a negative ordeal in your life. Everything in life is genuine gusts of genius for us to experience a life that expands enterprising energies and births your sired desires in the unlimited winning wealth in the universal vista that has your name branded on it. How do you encompass genuine gusts of genius?

Life is about being engaged in your dreams, desires, and intrepid intentions, but life gets in the way of life. We allow the challenges to be a bear trap instead of allowing ourselves to be the bear on the tear ripping through the terra incognita – cognizing the wisdom within to light our heart’s delight in the cosmopolitan cosmos. Because when I choose to engage in my idealistic, I am wise enough to open out my acumen-eyes-zing avatar to soar like Superman in a lively lithe way.

Three Questions:
How will you unlatch the latch of attachment to your treed greed and free your intuitive innovator?

How does it feel understanding your terra incognita, and being able to open out your courage to explore your core avatar wisdom?

How do you unlock your spiritual spine to engage your idealistic wise?

Three Affirmations:

I am free to be the bear on tear, ripping my prime time wise from my terra incognita terrain to expand my brand of who I am, relishing my jovial opulent journey today and every day in a picture perfect way.

I feel my gusts of genius engage my inner sage, unlocking my visionary sage to birth my sired desires by expanding my dreams and birthing my intrepid intentions in a rich regal way.

I am the undaunted utopian revolution-eyes; my robust resolve to understand my confusion is my light of wisdom blazing a trail for my pioneering spirit to rise and shine, untying the lies and un-treeing the greed. Unlocking my trailblazing will allow me to kayak my rivers of prosperity, rivers that flow to me from all sources in the universe in a rich milk-chocolate way.

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