I Canonize My I Told You So Moxie
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I canonize my bold I told you so moxie brazenly broadcasts my innate state-of-the-art-heart acuity entices the spice of my piquant perspicuity unlatching the panache of
My pioneering commentator to voice the oasis of my newborn noesis from my intra stellar stalwart to bellower the bellwether brilliance of my bold canonized I told you so moxie
To be in the flow of the go of my glowing spiritual spree in a wise winning way freeing me from sliding into hiding in my egotistical haunted house flaunting
My taunt of want in woefully worn out whine aggressively never-ever triumphing because I heard the herd slurs burning the herd ho hum drum to dummy down my ardent abilities to
Unwind my titanium spine dulling my get and go in my sublime mind instead to have faith in the powers hearing the sear of the seeing the wink of their think living
In their spiteful frightful web of fictitious fear thinking they were for me and believed in need and greed that everything in the world was for me and when somebody else got something and I didn’t plunked
Me into hoedown of Podunk wonk slinking me into the hoodwink of the overthink slam dunking me into pity patter of pity me fallacies slinking me into my coach-potato-i-tice dropping
Me into the perfect storm thinking the norm doing the dozy do of know has me whirling swirling in dormant of torment hovering inside poverty consciousness that was instilled thru the pills of
My hearing the parrot of arrogance spewing the same insane mundane ideologies that designed the patterns of today so no I let go of dozy do of need of greed taunt of want unlocking
The clock of yesterday freeing my undaunted utopian to be a proponent of the moment as slide in the glide riding the tide galvanizing-my lively innovation declaring effusive emolument from all sources
In the cosmopolitan cosmos to beam the gleam of I canonize my bold I told you so moxie walking down the bountiful sun lit beaches of the world showcasing my lavish luxurious lifestyle
Refined and defined by me drinking the fine wines of the my unworldly wisdom innovation naturally enjoying today and every day in a pristine perfect way and in Divine Order