Gusts of Genius
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Infinite Spirit I feel the Gusts of Genius blessing my listening to glowingly blow down my river valleys of prosperity across
My mountaintops over prospering prairies traversing my seas of success crisscrossing my oceans of wealth freeing me to
Walk my talk boldly expressing my prophet-eyes-zing wise inspiring nirvana declaring success opening free-flowing wealth innovation superstar determination
Optimizing mammoth money flow mirroring the waves of the Hawaiian surf today and every day in a lavish lively way
Because I understand I am the woman/man with plan parting the wave’s trepidation serenely calming the seas of success for people of the world to feel their sagacious savant
Expanding their grit-n-get as they are in awe witnessing my gallant galvanizing genius to ride tides of triumphant because I understand
The winds of wisdom blow to glow glamor-eyes-zing fun in the sun as I encounter the whirlwinds of challenge
I unleash my hurricane of curious courage typhoon of triumphant tenacity quickly quailing the whirlwinds of challenge unpinning
The singe thru quietude to sunbath in my breezes of brilliance unbinding my brazen-boldness releasing ennobling electrifying zing energizing savant
Omnipotence freeing bountiful riches intentionally loving life intuitively applauding new-fangled concepts
Enhancing forthright focus to fantastically listen to my winds of wisdom adamantly animating my vibrations to experience
My cherished wealth and success thru living in free-flowing energies of love unhinges the binges of listening opening vivid expansive imagination infatuating
The inner landscapes with wave after wave of winning richness enriching my winds of wisdom that I employ in all phases of my life like milk chocolate to the taste buds
Authorizes me to authentically unbridles thee harmony optimizing revolutionary inquisitive zeal electrifying sumptuous supply that flows
To me thru airstreams of abundance from all sources in the cosmos giving free rein to my opulent omnipotence to unfasten my enlightened energies to
Birthing my sired desires embrace my worthiness and deservedness to experience the effervescent enrichment sanctioning me
to robustly relish my copious copiousness recognizing my winds of wisdom supply the ethers of the universe with lithe leadership broadening the adroit willingness in people
To unhinge their talent unblocks the locks in their core cognitions to realize talent encompasses luck as luck embraces talent to entertain
Their talisman four leaf clover throwing their golden horse shoe into the galaxy basking in their cosmic rays of their opalescent omniscience as
I rope the wind of my terra incognita riding on prosperity enthralling terrific harmonizing wealth initiating natural dignity walk to part the oceans of the unknown to feel airstreams of
Affluence x-raying the gold mines of chaos to walk in the divine light of luxury floating on cloud nine hearing the songs of wealth innovation lively love flowing in the winds of wisdom
As I my hear winds of wisdom I see my seeds of wisdom I smell the salt air of success I touch the never-ending streams of lavish avalanches of copious copiousness so
Now I adventurously expand thru the tides of time energizing my opulent opulence dining of fine wine relishing the taste of my harvest of utopia cornucopia in a brightened clarified way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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