My Piquant Perkiness Highlights My Laudable Lucidity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My piquant perkiness highlights my laudable lucidity lights up my pure clear visions of my plucky purposes painting a panorama portrait of pristine prosperity on every horizon opening my mind’s eye
To theater-eyes the birthing and experiencing my sired desires in the flow of the go my shiny stainless preeminence revealing my piquant perkiness highlighting my laudable lucidity purposefully initiating quantum universal abundance
Naturally tantalizing passion expanding robust kingship igniting-my enterprising superstar sagaciousness harmonizing-my intuitive gutsiness hallowing thaumaturgy illuminating newborn geniusness
Magnificently yessing-my love life audaciously unlocking dauntless acumen brilliantly letting go energizing lithe utopian credence internally declaring-my innovative tenacity yah-zing
My daily adventurse to indenture my regal rich entrepreneurial talent to tenaciously ardently live every day in a new way triumphantly expanding my wisdom energizing
My innovative landscape electrifying my enterprising euphoria galvanizing effusive epiphanies eagerly looking into the eyes of my daily life asking this question
How is this event the greatest life expanding event that ever emerged in my daily scenery purging the whoop-t-do of drama of my daily escapades eliminating
The dormant torment of trauma in core conspirator to suavely surge in courageous curiosity igniting my light of life galvanizing my gusts genius opening the way for
My winds of wisdom blow feeling my breezes of brilliance enter my prospecting prophecies to magnanimously magnify the embellishing the relishing of every event real-eyes-zing
My life is a jubilee of jovial utopia brightly illuminating enticing effervescent rainbows to soar across the heavens real-eyes-zing I am the pot of gold at the end of
My rainbows colorfully expressing who I am in a peerless seer way to glow in the glide of who I am to ride the universal vista in a superstar avatar way today and every day as
I sail the oceans blue in bountiful luxury unleashing everyday common sense foresight in an unembarrassed way to lavishly cherish
My unlimited never ending overflow of wealth wisdom and friendship in every facet of my life broadening the charismatic colors in the worldly scenery opening the way for
Me to see feel smell taste and touch my cascading opulent opulence that fill all my prosperity accounts in the wow of the pow now in a rich lively way
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