Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

My inner scenery prosper-eye-zes my worldly gleam beaming my bold expanding aspirations magnetizing intrepid nirvana galvanizing magnified yesses in every facet of

My jovial journey showcasing my megastar celebrity flair correlating my being at the billionaire fair celebrating my innate nurturing enterprising revelations sanctifying-the codifying-of-

My expansive newborn entrepreneurial realizations revving-up-the yen-to-dial-up-my-inner-Zen-to passionately recognize-the-wise-of-my oracle supremacy propelling-my empress/emperor resolve

Edifying-my yaulding emotional-insight zestfully electrifying sumptuous wealth optimizing revered love dawning lissome Yahweh to open the way for

My inner scenery to prosper-eyes my worldly gleam glistening my crystal clear acuity actuating my heart perspicuity to generate my rainbow brilliant gallantry to show people a better way

To experience life by freeing their core décor fanning their blazing flames of fame and fortune unsheathing their sassy sophisticated blaze of who they are to boldly live adventurously zealously exploding their iron-will

To see their life as a undaunted urbane utopian to luxuriously relish life as a debonair sage understand they are worthy and deserving to experience there life in a copious utopia way

As I unleash the owlish sapiential spree of lithe liberating librettist to soar like Thor into the wild blue yonder understanding

My heart is light illuminating the delightfulness in the universal ethers showcasing my wonderful wise opening my prospering eyes to see

I freed my inner scenery prosper-eye-zes my worldly gleam to walk on a yellow brick paved in gold-bars loving every day ardently magnetizing the earths ethers with I can expand enterprising energy

To undock my yacht to sail in lavish luxury because I choose impose my sired desires exposing my gunfighter will to realize
I won my game of life by looking in the mirror to see the real me in lively lithe way today and every day in a picture perfect way and in Divine Order

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