Recovery firm Johnson, Morgan & White (JMW) has had a record year with collections up 15%. The company, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is hiring more employees to cope with the increasing number of new clients they are representing as well as new placements by existing clients. JMW specializes in business to business debt recovery, working with clients who are owed money from their customers but who are often desirous of remaining on good terms with them once the matters have been resolved.

Citing the economic downturn and slow recovery, Johnson, Morgan & White CEO and President Robert G. Cooper says that with the recovery and the new tax year, more businesses and their debtors are finding it possible to begin recovering from losses and begin paying down debt.

“Many consumers and small businesses who’ve had financial troubles are beginning to see better times,” Cooper says. “With that comes the renewed ability and interest in reconciling bad debt and re-establishing business relationships with partners and suppliers. We’ve seen a lot of new clients coming to us with hopes of rebuilding those relationships and recovering their losses due to these defaults from their customers. So many, in fact, that we’re hiring new employees and specialists in the corporate debt recovery field to handle the influx.”

The new jobs being added are at every level in the company’s business of debt recovery, including investigations, forensic accounting, surveillance, records researchers, and more. The two-pronged focus at Johnson, Morgan & White is to thoroughly investigate and recover its clients’ assets while safeguarding customer and business relations for that client.

“This requires a deft touch,” says Cooper, “but it’s been our specialty and it’s why we do so well. Our clients are happy to recommend us to their associates in need of our services.”

Johnson, Morgan & White has extensive expertise in corporate debt recovery. The firm is one of the leading businesses and forensic collection companies in the world. JMW is a certified and bonded business to business collection company with the goal of recovering debts while protecting clients’ customer relationships. Various investigation techniques are employed to legally investigate and track corporate debtor’s money activity, including digital and public file investigations.