Residents of Boca Raton say a Nativity scene in Sanborn Square has been defiled by a Statanic display set up close by.

Sanborn Square is known as a designated free-speech area, but many residents are horrified the city allowed this.

The City of Boca Raton approved a permit for the display and the Freedom From Religion group provided the display.

The nearly life-sized Nativity scene was serene, but the satanic display, complete with red pentagram and depiction of satan was defaced during the night by someone spraying silver paint over parts of it, mostly the text.

Church leaders were upset and an interfaith group erected a large sign decrying the use of satanic symbols in the park. It said “The use of satanic symbols is offensive and harmful to our community’s well-being.” It was signed by 14 reverends, two rabbis and Dr. Bassem Alhalabi, a muslim professor.

Boca Raton Mayor,Susan Haynie, speaking to a Palm Beach Post reporter, said that although she found the satanic display offensive, freedom of speech allows for many points of view.

“… the same constitutional right to freedom of speech that allows the church to display the nativity scene also allows for this objectionable symbol.” [Palm Beach Post]